Employment Counseling and Litigation

The laws governing the employer-employee relationship have become increasingly complex, compounding the risks associated with basic human resource management.  Businesses face heightened legal challenges to employment and information privacy policies from both employees and the government and must establish proactive human resource management.  At Christie & Young PC, we guide clients through the changing regulatory landscape and, if necessary, vigorously represent and advocate for them in regulatory proceedings and litigation.

We are always mindful of the practical realities of today’s commercial environment and account for the inevitable uncertainties by creating workable solutions to minimize the impact of employment-related claims and keep our clients’ operations running smoothly.  Our team of dedicated employment attorneys works collaboratively with clients in designing and managing state-of-the-art programs structured to meet each client’s individualized needs, regardless of the client’s size or the composition of its work force.  These programs include administrative agency compliance audit assistance and representation at proceedings before the EEOC, Justice Department, state human rights/resources commissions, state attorneys general, unemployment agencies, and similar tribunals under federal employment-related laws and regulations such as FMLA, ADA, ADEA and Title VII; state and local statutes such as NJLAD and PHRA; and, common law claims predicated on claimants’ employment and/or prospective employment status.

We also assist our clients with tailored independent investigations so that they can properly evaluate and manage situations that require objective analysis of individual and corporate conduct.  The value and positive impact of retaining independent counsel and the development of an informed response to threatened or actual litigation cannot be over-emphasized.

No company is too big or too small for Christie & Young PC’s team of skilled employment practice attorneys.  Every client deserves and is afforded the same level of attention to detail.  Equally important, we appreciate the impact of an adverse ruling on our clients’ businesses and reputations and work hand in hand to manage and achieve a successful resolution of their employment-related issues.  In short, we build trust and get positive results.